Fencing around your property is probably the first thing visitors will notice about your property. You have to have a fence which is unique and makes your property stand out from the rest, be it a home, school, farm, holiday home or any other property.

We, at Total Property Maintenance, provide beautiful, reliable and budget friendly fencing in Auckland. We have a team of professionals who are experts in installation of all kinds of fences. We take time to understand your needs first, suggest you the material and size of the fence, and then proceed with the installation. We install a fence that is attractive and functional, both!

Fencing Repair Service

Even if it’s just a fence repair, we are glad to do that for you. Because we, more than anyone else, understand the importance of fences around the property. A fence around the property protects it from intruders, strays and vehicles. This is why you shouldn’t wait for it to break down completely before deciding to go in for a repair. As soon as you spot damage, dial our phone. Besides, you might have to get the whole fence replaced if you wait for too long to get it repaired.

Fencing contractors in Auckland from Total Property Maintenance work as per your specifications and repair the damage. We also offer replacement services for gates and fences. So, whatever the issue is, we are trained to resolve it.

We provide efficient repair and maintenance of fences around all kinds of properties. We restore the fences to their original look, or even make it more efficient. We strive to provide you with hassle free and friendly fence repairs in Auckland. Contact us via phone to discuss your requirements.

Fencing Contractor in Auckland Area

If you are a realtor, you need to have an outstanding fence installed so that your clients are impressed and get the feeling of safety and comfort from the property. And, if you are someone with kids or pets, you need to put up a fence around your home so as to provide your kids and pets with a secure environment and give you privacy and protection from passersby, strays and vehicles. A fence also accentuates the look of the garden and protects the flower beds from damage. And, if you are a farm owner you obviously need to install a fence so as to mark your property.

Total Property Maintenance comes with unique fencing systems that match the building gates, retaining walls and enhance the curb appeal of the property. Whether you choose a wooden fence for a natural look or an aluminium fence for a modern appeal, our quality fences give the desired look.

A fence serves different purposes for different people. No matter what your purpose is, we will help you build a durable and sturdy fence around your property. You can entrust us with fencing in Auckland.

Fence Building in Auckland

We are one of the pioneers in fencing in Auckland. No matter what type of property you have and what your needs are, we can build fences that not only look beautiful but are functional too. We apply our sense of aesthetics and knowledge from our many years of experience to the fencing projects and come up with fences that leave our clients in awe.

There are many types of fences including those made of wood, vinyl, bamboo, chain-link and aluminium. So whatever material you choose to go with, you can be assured that you will get only the best from us.

So, be it a fence installation or a fence repair, give us a call and discuss your needs with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The repairing cost solely depends upon the damage caused. If there is a crack, it would cost much less than replacing a fence block. Moreover, if the fencing is done on retaining walls, it would cost more. Contact Total Property Maintenance get your free estimate over the phone.

With proper maintenance, quality fencing could last over 10 to 15 years. The type of fencing, i.e., the material also contributes to fencing’s life. Fencing contractors at Total Property Maintenance have expertise in installing vinyl, wood, bamboo fences in-between gates and over retaining walls. Dial the phone today.

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